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Insider Look: An Interview with Nolan, Intern at Vrgineers

What does daily life at Vrgineers look like and what challenges does the job bring? We asked Nolan, our French intern. We’re happy to have him as a part of our team, helping us in the research & development department.

Published: June 24, 2023

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How did you find out about Vrgineers?

I come from France and I study electrical engineering and computer science. In 2019, I stumbled upon a video about the XTAL and was instantly impressed. Recently, during a trip to the Czech Republic, I coincidentally passed by the Vrgineers building and remembered. Choosing an internship for my studies, there was no doubt that Vrgineers was the place I wanted to be!

What does your daily routine look like at Vrgineers?

Each day brings new challenges and experiences. I start at 9 AM, check my emails for tasks, work until noon, enjoy a lunch with my colleagues, complete the assigned tasks, submit them to my mentor, and head home. My main tasks involve soldering modules and parts for XTAL product research and development, as well as assisting in various ongoing projects, such as Somnium.

Who are your team members and mentors?

I am fortunate to have Martin as my mentor, guiding and supporting me throughout my internship journey. Additionally, Jakub is the one who assigns me tasks. However, I have the opportunity to work with everyone on the team when I need advice or assistance. When everything is going smoothly, I often work independently.

What is the atmosphere like at Vrgineers?

The atmosphere at Vrgineers is good! Everyone is friendly, and there is no pressure to complete tasks within strict deadlines. The team is always willing to lend a helping hand, ensuring a supportive work environment.

Did the internship meet your expectations?

Absolutely! This internship has met my expectations by providing me with precise soldering skills and a deeper understanding of VR. I have gained invaluable practical knowledge that I was completely oblivious to before. Moreover, the immediate impact of my work has been rewarding, reinforcing my passion for this field.

Biggest challenge?

Transitioning from university, where I have multiple attempts to perfect my work, to a company environment, where mistakes can be costly, is undoubtedly challenging. However, it pushed me to focus on delivering quality results on the first try, enhancing my skills and resilience.

How about your future in VR?

Yeah, I can definitely see myself pursuing a career in the world of VR. From a young age, I have been captivated by the advancements and innovations in this field, and working at Vrgineers has increased my passion. I am excited to be a part of this evolving industry.

Thank you, Nolan, for your time!