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Our cutting-edge training facilities are equipped with the Vrgineers’ Trainers and are tailored to meet a diverse range of needs and preferences. Whether you seek fundamental training experience or a premium, advanced service, we have the ideal solution to meet your requirements.


Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com


This minimalistic setup allows pilots train a standard formation flight using two connected simulators. The Tandem configuration optimally utilizes a single room, where cadets engage in training while the instructor oversees mission outcomes and manages Air Traffic Control simulations.

The addition of an optional electronic warfare module enables the simulation of close formation flights, allowing the instructor to assess success through simulated radar detection.

Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com


A Basic simulation center offers significant value in scenarios with restricted resources or infrastructure. It contains a single simulation room equipped with an instructor operating system (IOS) and a briefing/debriefing room.

Unlike a comprehensive control room with Air Traffic Control and a separate instructor, the Basic setup integrates the instructor directly into the simulation room. This facility is designed to accommodate 1 to 4 seats for both the pilot and co-pilot, supporting a combination of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com


The Small facility stands as the most basic yet fully functional training center. It has essential rooms, including a control room with Air Traffic Control and an instructor operating system, a briefing/debriefing room, and a simulation room.

The simulation room is versatile, accommodating both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft or a combination of both. This type of facility proves ideal for training programs seeking a cost-effective setup or a temporary solution for platforms anticipated to be replaced by newer ones in the near future.

The Classroom and Portable options can be easily reconfigured for different airframes, presenting an affordable and future-proof alternative compared to constructing a new center with data-projector or LCD-based simulators.

Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com


The Standard-sized training facility features the capability to house up to 8 interconnected simulators, making it an optimal size for facilitating a range of training activities.

These activities encompass cockpit familiarization, standard and emergency procedures, as well as tactical and mission training.

The facility includes a fully equipped simulation room, a control room, and a briefing/debriefing room to ensure thorough training support.

Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com


This training center is fully equipped to simultaneously support 8-12 pilots. The interconnected nature of these trainers enables instructors to plan and execute complete squadron mission scenarios, including red air training. The squadron can be effectively split into two teams, simulating the threat from an enemy.

Utilizing mixed reality technology that combines physical cockpits with Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) and touch screens, electronic warfare systems are employed to teach radar detection avoidance and response strategies when detected.

The Squadron setup is also well-suited for operating multiple aircraft platforms at the same time. The design allows operators to easily reconfigure the facility's trainers, enabling a swift transition between aircraft such as F‑16, F‑15, F‑18, or F‑35 in just a few minutes per simulator.

Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com


Our Advanced training center design takes a thorough approach to pilot training, using a state-of-the-art simulation center for red air simulation, procedural training, as well as tactical and mission training.

The facility is set up with extra rooms for briefings and mission observation for senior leadership, ensuring a clear distinction between simulation execution and supervision.

The center can be upgraded with extra training modules like JTAC stations, door gunners, or sling loaders, enabling the execution of complex, combined synthetic training scenarios.

Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com


The Combined facility offers an effective connection between certified and non-certified simulators. The delivery includes the seamless integration of a standard Dome simulator with a cutting-edge virtual and mixed reality trainer.

Cadets can learn tactics and enhance interaction, thanks to the interconnected trainers, while also improving their skills and logging flight hours using a certified simulator in the same synthetic training environment.

Simulators can be enhanced by an electronic warfare module and AI analytics, significantly extending the lifespan and capabilities of the existing solution for decades to come.

Training Facilities - Vrgineers.com

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