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Vrgineers' Exciting Debut Collaboration with KLM

In May 2023, Vrgineers proudly launched its very first project in partnership with KLM. We supplied KLM's XR Center of Excellence with a specially tailored A320neo simulator, complete with the state-of-the-art XTAL 3 Mixed Reality Headset. Notably, we made sure both the simulator and headset showcased KLM's unique colors and branding, adding a personalized touch to the technology.

Currently, the training program is in its experimental phase, representing the initial step in our collaboration. However, we're enthusiastic about the potential ahead and are actively planning for the next phases of our partnership. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of advanced civil pilot training and mixed reality solutions.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Vrgineers.com

Reinout Verkerk

Vice President & Captain A32N
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

„You see a cockpit with buttons in the right places, and you can physically touch them. The software then ensures that the simulator responds to the operation of the virtual buttons. The chair you sit in can move six degrees in all directions; so you have the experience of movement. Mobility is a nice additional feature of the VR simulator.“

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Vrgineers.com

Marek Polcak


„We perceive KLM as one of the pioneers in technological adoption in the airline industry. Therefore, we are thrilled to cooperate with the KLM XR Center in research of XR utilization. We do believe that using extended reality technologies in suitable areas of training will give KLM a first-mover advantage, increase the skillset and experience of the crew, and decrease the overall training costs. Thank you for this opportunity.“

Benefits of the Classroom Trainer

The possibilities for training with the Classroom Trainer are equal to or superior to legacy systems but cost a fraction due to major advancement in image display technology and spatial computing enabled by Vrgineers’ proprietary virtual and mixed reality solutions.

The Classroom Trainer is highly versatile and delivered in a rapid deployment, modular, customizable format that can enable training anywhere anytime.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Vrgineers.com

Customization & Integration

We took the necessary steps to ensure that the simulator is equipped with the specific types of controllers, motion platform, image generator engines, aircraft, scenarios, terrains, and peripherals required for flight planning, training, and evaluation as requested by KLM.

These components have been fully integrated into the system to meet KLM's needs. In addition, Vrgineers customized both the simulator and headset to feature KLM's distinctive colors and branding, infusing a personalized touch into the technology.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Vrgineers.com