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European Air Services Train In The Most Advanced F-16 Pilot Simulator

Vrgineers delivered European Air Services the game-changing mixed reality simulator, which is combined from the latest version of F-16 BLOCK 70 physical cockpit and the XTAL headset.

European Air Services purchased the simulator as part of its initiative to keep its Air Force up to date with the latest technological advancements, operate a multi-role fighter to fulfill its missions, and support NATO membership.

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Jozef Dzurus

European Air Services

„We decided to cooperate with Vrgineers to develop the most advanced simulator for the F‑16, that combines a physical cockpit with mixed reality technology. We hope that this unique technology will be used as part of training programs for F‑16 military pilots across European countries.“

European Air Services - Vrgineers.com

Lukas Racz

Flight Simulators Operation Manager
Slovak Training Academy

„Mixed reality simulator gives me a realistic training experience comparable to flying in a real plane. Using an F‑16 simulator, I can rehearse tactical operations, which would otherwise be impossible to prepare for in the real world except for in a simulated environment. I was able to fully operate the cockpit with my hands and train in any scenario.“

European Air Services - Vrgineers.com

Martin Hrebicek

OCHI - Engineering

„We have 25 years of experience with special hydraulics systems, which are used in many fields of production. We cooperate with company Vrgineers in order to be in touch with amazing technology, such as mixed reality, and we combine it with hydraulics.“

The Challenge Facing European Air Services

As pilot training is extremely expensive, European Air Services decided to invest to the most immersive virtual and mixed-reality F16 trainer to cut down training time and increase efficiency.

European Air Services - Vrgineers.com

Pilot Training in the Most Realistic F‑16 Cockpit

Pilots train in a completely immersive environment coupled with a fully functional physical F‑16 cockpit replica and experience realistic haptic feedback at the same time.

European Air Services - Vrgineers.com

The Most Advanced Immersive Environment

The XTAL mixed reality headset has a market-leading 180° field of view, 8K fidelity, and high situational awareness. The mixed reality brings supreme 1:1 immersive simulation and unparalleled fidelity while maximizing muscle memory training.

European Air Services - Vrgineers.com

Motion Platform

The whole simulator is built on a raised motion platform with a range of 1 m / 3.28 ft. The unique hydraulics system brings a real to life training experience and reduce negative training.

European Air Services - Vrgineers.com