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Design of Custom VR/MR/XR Solutions

Thanks to Vrgineers' comprehensive technical knowledge in software development, hardware design, optical mathematical calculations, firmware development, and human factors mechanical design, we are capable and prepared to serve as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), developing new solutions and products. This collaboration primarily involves long-term projects with a focus on both time and cost considerations.

We leverage contemporary Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools to create dynamic 3D visualizations and employ 3D printing technology to fabricate initial prototypes that are tangible and instantly assessable. Embracing these Rapid Prototyping methods enables us to promptly evaluate different strategies, thereby mitigating intricacies and minimizing potential risks.

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Upgrade of Existing Simulation Solutions

To enhance the longevity of current simulators utilizing data-projection or LCD display technologies, we propose upgrading them to align with 21st-century capabilities. Vrgineers provides both hardware and software upgrades.

As an integrator of various simulation software solutions and Image Generators (IGs), coupled with a comprehensive understanding of simulator hardware, we possess the capability to serve as integrators, facilitating the upgrade of all requested simulator technologies.

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Integration of Pilot Training Technologies

Vrgineers can perform any type of training by integrating virtual, mixed, or augmented reality technologies with conventional methods. We analyze training requirements to achieve desired skills and design a training facility and technological stack accordingly. Our solutions encompass a variety of simulators, covering air, water, land, or space vehicles.

Furthermore, the training of pilots and operators can be seamlessly integrated with that of other crew members, such as Air Traffic Controllers (ATC), Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC), or gunners, as recognized within the aerospace community.

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Life Cycle Maintenance (SLA)

All Vrgineers solutions are designed to ensure ease of maintenance and upgradeability. In addition to the standard Service Level Agreements provided for all our products, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for any simulator that has been upgraded by us.

Our life cycle management contains a spectrum of services aimed at optimizing the longevity and performance of the systems we deploy. This includes regular updates, technical support, and proactive measures to keep the technology current and effective over time.

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Installation and Training

Installation and training are carried out by our skilled technicians, each a specialist in their respective fields, capable of providing both remote and on-site training and support. The standard installation concludes with simulator handover, initiating the simulation software automatically.

At this stage, all cockpit controllers are fully interconnected to the software and functional.

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