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Spotlight on XTAL 3 CAVU MR: A New Era of Immersive Simulation

Vrgineers have recently unveiled our latest XTAL 3 CAVU Mixed Reality (MR) Headset at I/ITSEC 2023 and we have announced the closing of a Series A investment round of 6 million US dollars. Let’s take a sneak peek into what's created a buzz in the tech media.

Published: December 20, 2023

Topics: News

Immersive Wire, an analytic website specializing on the metaverse and spatial computing, has picked up on our news and pointed out the unique attributes of the XTAL 3 CAVU MR headset.

With its advanced AMD and Nvidia chips, the headset paves the way for ultra-realistic graphics and powerful performance. It offers precise, high resolution and professional-grade mixed reality training to various professions, especially pilots.

In their feature, Read Magazine mentioned how our latest innovation brings mixed reality to the forefront with a remarkable 24Mpix image sensor directly connected to an AMD Xilinx FPGA PCIe16x card via optic cables. This “hardcoded” processor is dedicated to calculating high resolution mixed-reality images which are delivered in a flash – one millisecond to be exact.

The technology-focused Develop3D has emphasized the improved design of the XTAL 3 CAVU – the device is built from precision-engineered lightweight carbon fibre, making it lighter than previous 700g XTAL Vrgineer headsets.

Joint-Forces, an online news site with a specific focus on defense, and Halldale, a B2B medium, have picked up on our news as well, highlighting the headset’s capabilities within the industry.

Mixed News, Auganix.org and XR Today have shared our recent announcement about the closing of a $6 million Series A investment round.

The news has also been mentioned by Road to VR which stated: “The funding round was led by Taiwania Capital, a venture capital firm based in Taipei, Taiwan. Returning investors include Czechia-based Nation 1, which has increased its share by $500,000 since the previous investment round.”

Set to hit the market in 2024, the XTAL 3 CAVU system will feature in Vrgineers Mixed Reality Classroom Simulators. We also plan to roll out an improved version of our XTAL 3 NEO Mixed Reality Headset as a more cost-effective solution for pilot training.

All Vrgineers products, including the XTAL 3 CAVU, come TAA certified and are designed to meet the strictest security requirements for use in secure locations. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates on our technology!