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Interview with Connor Ross, Marketing Intern at Vrgineers

We have asked Connor from our marketing team a few questions about life with Vrgineers, and here are the answers.

Published: July 5, 2024

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How did you find out about Vrgineers?

I found out about Vrgineers through a combination of online research and through a program my school connected me with. I was specifically looking for companies that are at the forefront of Innovative technology, and Vrgineers consistently came up as a leader in the field.

What does your daily routine look like at Vrgineers?

My daily routine at Vrgineers is quite dynamic and engaging. Typically, I start the day by reviewing my tasks and priorities, followed by a quick stand-up meeting with my team to align on our goals for the week. Throughout the day, I work on various projects, which can range from presentations, photoshoots, to working on changes to our website and social media. I also make sure to set aside some time for self-learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in VR technology.

Who are your team members and mentors?

I am fortunate to work with a talented team at Vrgineers. My team includes another intern Hannah, the person in charge of scheduling and social media Marketa, and my mentor Gabriela. Each member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, which makes our collaborations very enriching.

What is the atmosphere like at Vrgineers?

The atmosphere at Vrgineers is both innovative and collaborative. The company fosters a culture of creativity and encourages employees to think outside the box. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork and open communication, which creates a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and heard. The passion for VR technology is palpable, and it’s inspiring to be surrounded by colleagues who are equally enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of what VR can achieve.

Did the internship meet your expectations?

Absolutely, the internship at Vrgineers exceeded my expectations. I was given the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and contribute to real-world applications of VR technology. The level of responsibility and trust placed in me was both challenging and rewarding. Moreover, the mentorship and learning opportunities were excellent, allowing me to significantly develop my skills and knowledge in the field.