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Interview with Hannah Van Buren, Marketing Intern at Vrgineers

We have asked Hannah from our marketing team a few questions about life with Vrgineers, and here are the answers.

Published: July 5, 2024

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How did you find out about Vrgineers?

I discovered Vrgineers through my school program at North Carolina State University. The moment I learned about the innovative work Vrgineers is doing in the field of virtual and mixed reality, I was immediately intrigued and inspired.

What does your daily routine look like at Vrgineers?

Each day at Vrgineers is different and comes with a new set of challenges and experiences. I start my day by checking my emails for tasks, any scheduled meetings, and finishing up any work from the previous day. At the beginning of the week, we have a meeting to set the tasks that must be completed. My main responsibilities include content creation, analyzing articles, assisting with photoshoots for new products, and supporting various daily marketing tasks. This dynamic environment keeps me engaged and allows me to constantly develop new skills while contributing to the company’s innovative projects.

Who are your team members and mentors?

My mentor at Vrgineers is Gabriela, and I am lucky enough to have her guide me through this process and support me in any tasks. She is knowledgeable in the Marketing field and has taught me invaluable lessons during this internship. I am also fortunate to work alongside Mark├ęta and Connor, who contribute significantly to our projects and make our Marketing team dynamic and collaborative.

What is the atmosphere like at Vrgineers?

The atmosphere at Vrgineers is awesome. Everyone is incredibly kind and welcoming. They always include me for lunch and have made genuine efforts to get to know me throughout this experience. The supportive and inclusive environment makes it a great place to work and grow.

Did the internship meet your expectations?

Yes! The internship was an amazing experience that exceeded my expectations. I was able to learn and grow significantly. I developed essential skills such as communication, time management, and balance, which I will carry forward into my future endeavors.

Biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was transitioning from a university in the US and going out of the country for the first time. Working in a new environment with colleagues from diverse cultures has been an enriching learning experience, fostering adaptability and open-mindedness. These experiences have developed my leadership skills, particularly in communicating with various groups and navigating a professional environment.

How about your future in VR?

I can see myself pursuing a career in VR. I am interested in the growing industry and the innovations and advancements taking place within it. The potential of VR to revolutionize various fields is exciting, and I am eager to be a part of that transformative journey.