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Classroom Trainer

Meeting the high requirements for next-generation pilot training, the Vrgineers Classroom Trainer represents a high-end, affordable solution. Modularity and efficiency are the essences of the concept.

The product consists of exchangeable modules – the instrumental panel and side panels, allowing to change the aircraft type. Therefore, the customer can have more training platforms and extend the training options at lower cost.

Training sessions in the Classroom Trainer increase first-time pass rates, reduce additional re-flights, minimize negative training, and cut traditional training costs.


Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com


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Virtual or Mixed Reality Trainer

Vrgineers is able to manufacture any virtual or mixed reality trainer regardless of the aircraft type - fixed or rotary wing, single or two-seat, jet fighter, or airliner. Considering the customer’s needs, the Classroom Trainer comes in a virtual or mixed-reality version.

Since the virtual Trainer is equipped with the HOTAS, it serves more tactical or mission training purposes. The functional replica of the side and central panels in the mixed reality option upscales the training since pilots can train standard and emergency procedures.

Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com

Platform Reconfigurability

The key factor in transitioning from traditional to modern pilot training is the availability of high-quality simulators to pilots. Vrgineers invented the Classroom Trainer to help to make the training accessible and affordable.

The Vrgineers Classroom Trainer is a versatile training tool that allows a seamless transition from a piston engine-powered propeller aircraft to a supersonic fighter aircraft, allowing students to develop their skills from novice to expert in a single device.

Motion Platform

Flying in the Classroom Trainer with a motion platform reduces the risk of the negative impact of simulator sickness during the training. The unit responds to user’s actions in realistic ways, such as landing or simulation of engine failure.

The movements elicit the same reactions and emotions as in live situations, which are supported by realistic visualization.

Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com

Cost and Time Efficiency

The Trainer is made from commercial off-the-shelf components (COTS), making it affordable and easy to maintain. The lifecycle of the simulator can be extended as key components are easily interchangeable while providing the highest level of immersive simulation.

The design of the solution allows operating the Trainer by the pilot without the help of a technician.

Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com

Unlimited Collective Training

The Classroom Trainer is designed to: support unlimited numbers of connected pilots within a synthetic training environment; develop and practice tactics and communication between units in combined missions at different locations across the globe; take full advantage of joined training sessions between the land, air, naval, and ambient forces, and prepare troops to sharpen skills in mission execution, formation flights, maneuvering, or pilot/co-pilot communication with ATC.

Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com

Debriefing and Analytics

The debriefing module, as a part of the Classroom Trainer features, records the flight data of all the users for further analysis after the training. The data can be replayed in a 3D situation map and analyzed with built-in eye tracking.

Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com


The Mixed Reality XTAL 3 headset achieves high fidelity, which enables pilots to train in a completely immersive environment. The video passthrough cameras allow pilots to see their hands, naturally move in the cockpit, and interact with instruments without any limits.

About XTAL 3 NEO

Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com


Classroom Trainer - Vrgineers.com

Capt. Taimeir

F/A-18 Pilot
Swiss Air Force

„The feeling I got while flying the F/A-18 in full VR mode is really astonishing and so close to reality to the point I felt emotionally inside the F/A-18, which is exactly what I need for training purposes and for more military and civilian applications.“

Video Testimonials

Nicholas "Gash" Pinson

U.S. NAVY Adversary Pilot in F‑16
Language: English

Technical Specifications

The Most Popular Configuration

Fixed-wing fighters:
F‑15 Eagle, F‑16 Fighting Falcon, F‑18 Hornet, F‑22 Raptor, F‑35 Lightning II

Fixed-wing trainers:
T‑6 Texan, T‑45 Goshawk, Pilatus (PC‑7, PC‑9, PC‑12), DART Series, Grob G 120TP, Aero L‑39 Albatros

Rotary-wing - combat helicopters:
UH‑60 Black Hawk, AH‑64 Apache, AH‑1Z Viper, UH‑1Y Venom, MD 530F

Rotary-wing trainers:
Robinson (R22, R44), Bell (206, 412), Eurocopter EC 135, AugustaWestland AW139

Simulation Support

Prepar3D, DCS World, X-Plane 11/12, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerofly FS, FlyInside

Prepar3D, MCS, X-Plane 11/12, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (VBS3, VBS4, Blue IG), MAK, Simigon, multiSim, Metrea

Package Content

XTAL 3 Virtual or Mixed Reality Headset
Virtual Reality tracking system
XTAL certified computer with simulation engine (IG)
HOTAS (Throttle, Stick)
Spring loaded or CLS (Control Loading System) primary flight controls (stick/cyclic and rudder pedals)
Adjustable seat
Speakers for acoustic feedback
Computer accessories: IOS (Instructor Operations Station)
Power consumption: 2000 W


Fixed‑wing, Rotary‑wing, Land vehicle

Upgrades & Customization

Variety of different controllers
Vibration pad
4-DOF motion system
Additional screens
Different types of headsets

Technical Specifications

Load capacity:
200 kg / 440 lb

Size: L × W × H:
approx. (config driven) 2240 × 1400 × 1457 mm / 7.35 × 4.6 × 4.8 ft

250 kg / 551 lb

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