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    Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Realism: Join Vrgineers’ Algorithm Design Competition!

    Attention, college students with a passion for image processing & algorithmic thinking! We are organizing an Algorithm Design Competition for Real-Time Processing of Raw Images from Stereoscopic Cameras. Get ready to showcase your skills in a quest for the most efficient algorithms. 

    • Registration: from June 2023
    • Submissions Deadline: September 15th – October 31st

    Attractive prizes await the most innovative projects: The winner of the competition will walk away with a prize of 100,000 CZK, while the second-place holders (up to 5 selected projects) will receive up to 20,000 CZK.

    • The competition is open to all college students (BSc, MSc, PhD)
    • Each participant must create and submit their algorithm and source code implementation
    • Algorithms can be implemented in the language of the participant‘s choice. However, C, C++, CUDA, and HLSL are recommended
    • Participants must submit a report that includes a detailed description of the algorithms, their principles and procedures, test results, and the resulting image processing speed.
    • Evaluation will be based on the quality of the algorithm, processing efficiency, noise reduction, image quality after debayering, and comparisons with other submitted algorithms

    Ready to test your skills? Help us design algorithms that could change the landscape of VR and redefine how we perceive the virtual world!