Ordering VRHero 5K

There are no roads paved for professional VR yet. Everybody is a pioneer. 

Each enterprise VR project is specific. In order for VR to be a useful professional tool, it has to integrate with your existing environment and into the production pipeline. We will assist you in achieving that. Our client support portal contains step-by-step instructions for most common scenarios. We’re also prepared to develop custom hardware, firmware, and software extensions, if necessary.

Ordering VRHero 5K and 5K Plus

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If you could help us understand your VR use case, we might be able to offer additional options for tracking (HTC Lighthouse, ART, Optitrack), cable length or packaging.


We use normal shipping services to deliver worldwide, however, some limitations may occur specifically in different countries. Your device will be shipped within 30 days after reception of the pre-payment.

Environment Friendly

Our products meet the WEEE criteria. Find more about collection, recycling and recovery procedures of electronic waste in this document.

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