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Leading Mixed Reality Flight Simulation Integrator and Simulation Data Company Announce Partnership

Published: November 27, 2023

Vrgineers & VRAI have announced that they are joining forces in order to transform flight training by integrating Vrgineers next generation virtual and mixed reality solutions with VRAIs simulation data solution.

Vrgineers & VRAI, two leading simulation companies with international reach, have announced a partnership to help accelerate the transformation of flight training by leveraging mixed reality and simulation data.

Vrgineers provide next generation virtual and mixed reality pilot training systems for professional and military clients, while VRAI are focused on transforming simulation data into actionable insights by providing a simulation data product called HEAT that enables simulation users to capture, store, analyze and present sim data.

Speaking on the announcement, Niall Campion, VRAI’s Managing Director for Customers & Product said:

„We believe data is the untapped resource in simulation training, and that it can transform how training is delivered. In order to harness the power of data & AI in simulation training, the first step is to start capturing data. We are delighted to announce we will be working closer with the team at Vrgineers to help accelerate this transformational technology, they are a great company who share our vision and values.“

Vrgineers CEO Marek Polcák commented on the announcement saying:

„Pilot training is becoming much more complex with the sophistication of flight systems and demands on pilot electronic warfare skills. All advanced air forces around the world recognized that and are becoming increasingly interested in advanced data analytics, which supports their pilot training syllabus. We are happy to partner with VRAI to bring such a solution to all our partners.“

Vrgineers & VRAI formalized their collaboration following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Czech & Irish Defence & Security Industry Associations in Dublin in October. Commenting on this collaboration between Czech & Irish companies.

Both companies are working with some of the leading simulation providers in the market such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Bell, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and the European Defence Fund Consortium FEDERATES led by Rheinmetall, Thales, Leonardo & Indra and others.

This partnership marks the beginning of a closer collaboration between both companies to help develop the best simulation data products on the market to solve their customers problems.

For more information how simulation data can transform your training, both companies will be exhibiting at the upcoming I/ITSEC Conference in Orlando Florida from 27 No to 01 Dec. VRAI on booth 772, & Vrgineers on booth #3018.

You can contact the companies to arrange a demo at their websites www.vraisimulaiton.com & vrgineers.com or at reservation@vrgineers.com.