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    Mixed Reality Headset

    The most advanced pilot dedicated mixed reality headset with the highest fidelity, market-leading 180° field of view, and 8K resolution. The mixed reality headset is designed in cooperation with an international group of Air Force pilots to fulfill professional expectations.
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    The Most Realistic & Immersive Environment

    Crystal Clear
    8K Resolution

    Full RGB 8K resolution paired with patented custom-made non-fresnel VR lenses creates a realistic view with undeformed images.

    Field of View

    The combination of a 180° horizontal and a 90° vertical field of view offers the highest fidelity, 1:1 immersive true-to-life simulation and reduces negative training.

    Headset Customization

    VRgineers is capable of delivering tailor-made solutions customized to clients’ requests. The XTAL software and hardware technology can be modified to fit specific use cases perfectly.

    „This is the most immersive VR headset I have ever used – nothing else comes even close. In case you’re wondering, both headsets felt comfortable to wear.“

    David Haney
    One of the biggest VR media platform

    Maximizing Muscle Memory Training

    Pilots train in a completely immersive environment coupled with a fully functional physical cockpit replica, allowing them to improve their muscle memory while experiencing haptic feedback at the same time. 

    Integrated Eye Tracking Systems

    Eye-tracking provides foveated rendering. It gathers the gaze information for debriefing and behavioral analyses visualized via heatmaps.

    Technical Specifications

    Foveated profiles: up to 3840×2192 @90Hz
    Uncompressed profiles: 3864×2192 @45Hz, 2232×2192 @75Hz
    Horizontal FOV Vertical FOV Pixel per degree
    High fidelity lens 63 ° 38 ° 60
    Balance lens 106 ° 58 ° 45
    Immersive lens 148 ° 84 ° 30
    Infinite lens 175 ° 100 ° 22
    3840×2160 pixel per eye, 75 Hz @ 4K per eye, 120 Hz @ QHD per eye
    DISPLAYS Two fast-switching 4K LCD displays for mixed reality
    EYE TRACKING Gaze analyses, heat map visualization, running native 120 Hz
    (up to 210 Hz)
    POSITIONAL TRACKING Lighthouse (SteamVR)/ART/Optitrack/Polhemus/Vicon or custom
    HAND TRACKING embedded UltraLeap sensor
    IPD Auto IPD range 56-74 mm
    HEADSET CONNECTIVITY VirtualLink (5 m/16.4 ft) cable or DisplayPort 1.4 , USB 3.2 gen2Power 12V, 3A (5 m/16.4 ft)
    OS Microsoft Windows
    Steam VR and OpenXR drivers
    Unity, Unreal, and other game engine plugins
    C++ libraries (DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan)
    Commercial: Prepar3D, DCS World, X-Plane 11/12, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerofly FS, FlyInside
    Professional: Prepar3D, MCS, X-Plane 11/12, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (VBS3, VBS4, Blue IG), MAK, Simigon, multiSim, Metrea
    WEIGHT (without head strap) 700 g / 24.69 oz
    DIMENSIONS (headset only) 293x123x113 mm / 11.53×4.84×4.44 in 

    *The values may differ depending on the software settings and hardware version and used measurement method.