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Virtual Reality Pilot Dedicated Headset 

The XTAL Virtual Reality headset has been developed and designed for pilot training, with the input of civil and military pilots, to fulfill their professional expectations. The headset ergonomics comply with the Naval Air Station Patuxent River pilots' feedback and provides the expected support for full mission training.



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XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Crystal Clear 8K Resolution

icon crystal clear - Vrgineers.com

Full RGB 4K resolution per eye and patented custom-made non-fresnel VR lenses create realistic simulations with undistorted image across the entire wide field of view.

Vrgineers development team designed advanced optical correction algorithms, which can correct optical flaws such as chromatic aberration or barrel distortion.

Market-Leading Field of View

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The natural pilot movement patterns are supported by the widest field of view, up to 180° horizontal and 120° vertical degrees.

Thanks to the combination with the highest fidelity, pilots train in 1:1 immersive true-to-life simulation. Avoiding unrealistic simulation reduces negative training significantly.

wide field of view in the XTAL 3 Virtual Reality headset - Vrgineers.com


  • Wide field of view
  • High resolution
  • Professional training
limited field of view in the consumer virtual reality headset - Vrgineers.com

Consumer VR Headset

  • Limited field of view
  • Low resolution
  • Gaming industry

Customized Corrective Lenses

icon corrective lenses - Vrgineers.com

As the only headset on the market, XTAL offers an unmatched experience for customers with diopters. The XTAL 3 has a simple attachment system for additional prescription lens inserts that replace glasses used for common eye disorders.

Vrgineers manufactures customized lenses per customer's anamnesis in cooperation with the ophthalmologist. Therefore, helicopter pilots, airliners, or instructors can comfortably use the headset during the whole training session without any limits.

Customized Solution

icon customization - Vrgineers.com

The XTAL technology can be modified hardware-, firmware-, and software-wise to fit specific use cases perfectly. Vrgineers specializes in advanced training technologies using virtual and mixed reality, including building flight simulators, and has experience with XTAL integration into the pilot helmet.

Additional sensors or specific chips can extend the technology while keeping high-security standards.

Integrated Eye Tracking

icon eye tracking - Vrgineers.com

Eye-tracking technology tracks and gathers pilot's gaze in real-time. The instructors can use the data for debriefing and behavioral analyses visualized via heatmaps after the session. The instructors and pilots benefit from identifying of problems with scanning patterns, increasing their awareness and efficiency in standard procedures.

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Unique Hand Tracking

icon hand tracking - Vrgineers.com

Embedding the most advanced infrared hand tracking module from Ultraleap enables pilots to interact with the virtual cockpit by simply pointing their fingers at flight controls.

Tracking System

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The default configuration of XTAL headset comes with SteamVR tracking sensors. However, it can be upgraded with additional tracking technology. The customer can choose from a variety of supported tracking systems fitting the specific use case.

XTAL 3 Virtual Reality headset placed on a dummy - Vrgineers.com


XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Bryant Church

Former U.S. Naval Aviator
United States Navy

„The XTAL’s wide field-of-view, high-resolution optics, and seamless integration of physical controls creates that magical VR moment of presence where the brain believes what it’s experiencing is really happening. This creates effective mental and muscle memories. The increased cost efficiencies, time savings, safety margins, and accelerated learning curves over real world ops is dramatic.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Charles Jackson

Eurofighter Typhoon Pilot Training AR/VR Lead
BAE Systems

„Vrgineers is currently the only provider of an enterprise-level, high-resolution, ultra-wide field of view (FoV) VR headset. The XTAL has been a key part in the development of a Eurofighter Typhoon prototype high fidelity VR Simulator enabling clear symbology and wide FoV visuals that are crucial for pilot combat training.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Leos Cerveny

Virtual reality and Digital factory coordinator

„We chose Vrgineers because of their flexibility and willingness to completely adapt their technology to our needs.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Elisha English

Project Manager - Design & Construction Technology

„The XTAL was an experience of epic proportions. The model was extremely smooth and free flowing, giving a true three-dimensional experience of virtual reality.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Jan Pflueger

Center of Competence AR & VR

„Great image resolution.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

James Jensen

The Void

„Your HMD visuals are the best I have seen.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Marty Smets


„The rez and FoV are extremely impressive.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

Carsten Zey

Petricore Systems Eurosimtec

„We also got to implement your headset in an Unreal Demo, which looks even more awesome.“

XTAL 3 VR – Virtual Reality Headset - Vrgineers.com

David Heaney

One of the biggest VR media platform

„This is the most immersive VR headset I have ever used – nothing else comes even close. In case you’re wondering, both headsets felt comfortable to wear.“

Technical Specifications


3840×2160 per eye


Two fast-switching 4K LCD displays for virtual reality

Refresh Rate

75 Hz @ 4K per eye, 120 Hz @ QHD per eye

Field of View

180° horizontal, 120° vertical (maximum experimental values)
140° horizontal, 90° vertical (default values)

Advanced Features

Foveated Rendering, Timewarp

Eye Tracking

Gaze analyses, heatmap visualization, running native 120 Hz (up to 210 Hz)

Positional Tracking

Lighthouse (SteamVR) / ART / Optitrack / Polhemus / Vicon or custom

Hand Tracking

Embedded Ultraleap sensor


Auto IPD range 56‑74 mm

Headset Connectivity

VirtualLink (5 m/16.4 ft) cable or DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.2 gen2, Power 12V, 3A (5 m/16.4 ft)


Microsoft Windows

Software Support

Steam VR and OpenXR drivers
Unity, Unreal and other game engine plugins
C++ libraries (DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan)

Simulation Support

Commercial: Prepar3D, DCS World, X-Plane 11/12, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerofly FS, FlyInside

Professional: Prepar3D, MCS, X-Plane 11/12, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (VBS3, VBS4, Blue IG), MAK, Simigon, multiSim, Metrea

Weight (without head strap)

600 g / 21 oz

Size (Headset Only)

293 × 123 × 113 mm / 11.53 × 4.84 × 4.44 in

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