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VRHero 5K Plus

vr hero

High-resolution VR Headset for Professionals


True-to-life Image

Superb, uncompromising 5K image and true colors. Thanks to high-density OLED displays and exceptionally clear custom-built lenses, you see the finest detail.


5K resolution
5120 x 1440 (2560 x 1440 per eye)
Two Quad HD high-density OLED displays


Custom-build optics
Exceptionally clear non-Fresnel lenses


True Immersion

With 170° FOV, no blurring, and spatial 3D sound from a built-in sound card, you’ll forget there’s another reality. VRHero 5K Plus will completely immerse you, whether you are training or creating in VR.


Field of view
150 – 170° (depending on IPD and focus settings)


Refresh rate
70 Hz



Secure, durable, and ready to be deployed in any corporate IT environment. Works seamlessly with a growing number of professional software tools and easily integrates with proprietary systems via our software libraries. Tailor-made plug-ins to new systems are typically available within two weeks.

Serious about security

  • Manufactured and assembled in the EU
  • No data kept or sent to any 3rd party
  • Full control over updates
  • No backdoors
  • License and usage policy to fit any legal requirements
supported devices

No Constraints

Ready to work on your desktop or in a VR setup the size of a football field. VRHero 5K Plus supports a full range of tracking systems and lets you interact with the VR scene with controllers or your hands, via industry-leading integrated Leap Motion module.

Supported Tracking Systems

Tailor Interactions to your Project

Natural interaction using the integrated next generation
Leap Motion sensor
HTC Vive Controllers
AR Tracking Controllers