VRHero 5K Plus

Enter the enterprise VR age.

VRHero 5K Plus is the high-resolution professional grade VR headset. The first of its kind, it is poised to transform how professionals across industries work with virtual reality.

VRHero 5K Plus is your workhorse and the ideal tool to transform design, prototyping and training in the automotive, aerospace, architecture, and manufacturing sectors. The secret behind VRHero 5K’s amazing imaging lies in its high-density OLED displays, advanced software and unique lens and display configuration; a system we call Crystal Clear VR. The results are crisp edges and a level of detail that has to be seen to be believed, with no screen-door effect or blurring.

VRHero is customizable and easily integrable to your existing hardware and software. It includes a full set of modules to seamlessly slip into your pipeline. We at VRgineers love to build, and we relish the chance to create any necessary hardware and software extensions to meet your needs.

Details matter. With VRHero 5K Plus, you can trust your eyes.

VRHero 5K and 5K Plus allow you to check every detail and make sure they all meet the highest standards. It’s an invaluable aid in prototyping and design, allowing for quick and easy modifications. It’s not just another visualization tool. VRHero takes the designs you create in your mind’s eye and brings them to life with a stunning level of detail in VR.

The industries that have the most to gain from the advantages VRHero provides are our natural target markets. These include innovators in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Skoda, Opel, Audi, and BMW all have VRHero installations. Beyond that, fields like architecture, interior design, industrial production, healthcare, and the military are areas where VRHero 5K Plus can revolutionize your business.


The VRHero Platform includes Unreal SDK, Unity SDK, Autodesk VRED configuration and add-ons for industry-standard tracking systems. It uses one DisplayPort connector, the most popular graphics card interface in use today, which can be up to 100m long and  USB 2.0 for data communication.



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