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    Pilot Training

    We deliver next-generation virtual and mixed reality training systems for professional and military clients.


    Wide Portfolio of Pilot Trainers

    Pilot training systems are easily reconfigurable for all rotary and fixed
    wing aircraft, from the elementary phases up to front-line conversion units.

    Classroom 2.0

    Next-generation virtual and mixed reality pilot training solution that was designed in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force to intensify training sessions, extend simulation capabilities, and improve the pilot experience.


    The reconfigurable virtual pilot trainer was developed in cooperation with the U.S. Marine Corps to give pilots continual training when deployed. The system is also suitable for training at flight academies.


    Custom pilot trainers by Vrgineers are built in close cooperation with our clients and partners. The custom trainers include a physical cockpit, control systems, and flying models.

    or Collective
    Training Sessions

    Connect multiple pilots within a virtual environment and leverage complex mission training. Make training for multiple pilots space and cost-efficient.


    The Most Advanced Virtual
    & Mixed Reality Headset

    XTAL 3

    A pilot dedicated XTAL headset provides a 180° field of view, the widest available on the market, 8K resolution, unparalleled fidelity, and built-in eye-tracking software for data analytics.

    Our Clients

    Bryant Church
    Former U.S. Naval Aviator

    The XTAL’s wide field-of-view, high-resolution optics, and seamless integration of physical controls create that magical VR moment of presence where the brain believes what it’s experiencing is really happening. This creates effective mental and muscle memories. The increased cost efficiencies, time savings, safety margins, and accelerated learning curves over real world ops is dramatic.

    Capt. Taimeir
    F/A-18 Pilot

    The feeling that I got while flying the F/A-18 in full VR mode is really astonishing and so close to reality to the point that I felt emotionally inside the F/A-18, which is exactly what I need for training purposes and for more military and civilian applications.

    Charles Jackson
    Eurofighter Typhoon Pilot Training AR/VR Lead

    Vrgineers is currently the only provider of an enterprise-level, high-resolution, ultra-wide field of view (FoV) VR headset. The XTAL has been a key part in the development of a Eurofighter Typhoon prototype high fidelity VR Simulator enabling clear symbology and wide FoV visuals that are crucial for pilot combat training.

    Mixed Reality F-16 Simulator for European Air Services

    Together with European Air Services and Lockheed Martin, we delivered a game-changing mixed reality simulator that combines the latest version of the F-16 BLOCK 70’s cockpit and the XTAL headset.