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At VRgineers, we put the “real” in virtual reality. 


We dream of transforming how professionals work, create and learn by allowing them to experience future realities—the product they are designing, the building they are constructing, the cockpit they will be sitting in—as realistic as the world around us. 


We play no games.

We believe it’s time VR gets into serious work. Enough playing around.

But the lousy resolution and field-of-view in current headsets kind of prevents that. And they are not really built to last.

So we got obsessed with changing that. Professionals ought to have true professional-grade VR tools enabling new ways of creating, designing, engineering, and training.

The result is VRHero 5K Plus, the first true new generation enterprise-level virtual reality headset and platform.  

In VRHero we brought together spectacular imagery and performance without compromise. Is it too big? Yes, but no worries, that’s the next step. 

Try it, wow it, buy it and let’s put VR into your service. 

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